August 14, 2017

IV Vitamin Drips & Booster Shots

IV Vitamin Therapy and Vitamin Booster Shots deliver a high concentration of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids directly into the bloodstream. Bypassing the digestive system allows these nutrients to  more quickly and effectively reach the body’s cells and provide the resulting benefits.

We offer a wide range of big-benefit options.  

IV Vitamin Drips

Hydrobalance – Restore hydration, detoxify, and re-energize.

Muscle Mender – Rebuild, repair, and enhance muscle recovery around workouts.

Immunity Boost – Boost your system, prevent illness, and sharpen your mind.

Beauty Benefits – Bring out your full beauty with refreshed skin, hair, nails, and more.

Hangover Terminator – Destroy your hangover before it destroys you. Once you try it, you’ll be back.

Myers & More – Go beyond the Myers Cocktail with our special blend for optimal health.

Va-Va Vitality – Embrace an exuberant life with enough energy to take the world by storm.

Healing Helper – Strengthen your body’s natural healing power when undergoing surgical procedures.


IV Pushes

Hollywood Hotty – Share the secret of the stars without travelling across the county.

Stay Well – Keep your immune system strong and healthy so it will do the same for you.

Stress Buster – The one to call when life takes everything you’ve got to give, and you need to recharge.

Let’s Talk Detox – Everyone is talking about the benefits of glutathione, so now it’s time to try it for yourself.


Booster Shots

B12 Vita-Boost – Natural energy production

Gluta-Boost – Improved wellness with glutathione

Power Boost – Improved function with COQ10 and more

B-Blend Vita-Boost – Explosion of natural energy and high-function with B12 and B-Complex vitamins

Metabolism Boost – Restart your metabolism for greater fat burning and weight loss results

Biotin Vita-Boost – Enhanced beauty and body function with Vitamin B7 (biotin)

Beauty & Detox – Enhanced beauty from the inside out with our Vitamin B7 (biotin) and glutathione mix

Vitamin C Vita-Boost – Improved immune function

D-3 Vita-Boost – Bone health support and more

Muscle Mania – Everything your body needs for building muscle, except the workout