October 29, 2015

About Us

Our History

Welcome to Vitality Rejuvenation Clinic where our goal is to increase the longevity, health and overall well-being of our patients. Our custom programs are based on your health profile and desired goals. We work with your doctor to create a safe and healthy regimen that will have you looking younger and feeling better. Our programs have worked for hundreds who desire a healthier lifestyle. We create ideal programs through educating our patients on healthy diets, easy-to-follow weight-training programs, nutritional supplement packages, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement ,Testosterone, HGH, Sermorelin, GHRP2-6 , state-of-the-art cellulite eliminating therapy, GENESIS laser hair removal, BOTOX, Chem peels, Liquid facials, Skin tightening, new PRP Vampire Lift and many more!!!


Mission Statement

Our main goal is to increase the longevity, health and overall well-being of our patients. We do this through helping our patients maintain healthy diets, easy to follow weight-training programs, nutritional supplement packages, Testosterone & Hormone Replacement Therapy and state of the art fat and cellulite eliminating therapy. We want all of our patients to feel like they are gaining knowledge on how to live a healthier life.Through this they will be able to extend the quality of their lives.


About Our Founders

When he was 9, Ryan Leisinger, like most boys his age became interested in martial arts. He took his interest to the next level and expanded his training varying from Kung Fu, Shoot fighting, Jujitsu, Mu Thai kickboxing and various other styles. He was always very interested in keeping the body in peak performance even at that young age. When Ryan was 13, he started studying material about nutrition, supplements and how weight lifting affected the human body.

At 16, Ryan attended a seminar lead by a very prominent doctor whose main emphasis was about Human Growth Hormone (HGH). He spoke of all the health benefits associated with it. He also spoke of how a deficiency can create health problems. Ryan’s interest exploded!! He attended any and all seminars on HGH he could find, he read every book on the subject of HGH he could get his hands on. He knew this was the answer to everyone’s health problems and that this was what he would dedicate his life to.

Ryan enrolled in college for Exercise Physiology and Nutrition, following up and concluding his formal education with a Business Management degree. His life plan in mind, Ryan knew a business degree would be helpful in running his business training and consulting professional athletes. He wanted to help professional athletes to achieve, maintain and surpass their health on an off the playing field. In fact, throughout college Ryan consistantly put his knowledge to work by training 30-40 athletes at different times and eventually starting his own consulting company. He found that the serious work of keeping their bodies finely tuned was continually fascinating. That he could tweak their performance by monitoring their blood work and making adjustments where needed, was a source of continual fascination to him.

Ryan’s main focus and interest was Human Growth hormone and its ability to revive the body. He has spent countless hours with top doctors in the field to learn ALL that he could about this marvelous hormone and other hormone replacement programs. When Ryan reached a crossroads in his career, he found himself torn between two paths. He could continue helping athletes wo were already at the PEAK of the health and fitness level or he could help those in the 30-70+ age range who needed to turn their bodies back to when they were 28 and fight diseases caused by lack of HGH. This is when Ryan made the decision to start his own Anti-Aging Clinic.

For years, Ryan search to find the best doctors in the field to help run his clinic. With his high standards, he knew it would be a challenge to find just the right group of doctors to help his patients. The search was over when Ryan found the right fit in a group of doctors who had been hired by many celebrities to get on an HGH program. Additionally, he began working with a very reputable local doctor who was willing to help patients that could only be helped on the weekends.

When Ryan met Natasha at an area gym, Natasha was automatically curious about anti-aging. Ryan shared his knowledge about anti-aging and how he used it to help people. Now Ryan and Natasha work every day to just help people know the same effects. There isn’t a day that goes by where they don’t think of ways to help more and more people know the amazing effects of HGH. They continue getting certified and expanding their knowledge on Bio-identical hormones, testosterone therapy, dietary products and much more to allow people to live a happier healthier life.